At Granny's

At Granny's, Youth (age 21 or below) Machine Quilting
At Granny's Best of Show - Youth
At Gannys features; hand applique, hand sew yo-yos, hand and machine quilting, English paper piecing, and scalloped edging. Vintage stamps inspired the quilt, to give it the feel of driving through Texas's vast landscape during wildflower season.

Youth (age 21 or below) Machine Quilting (Pictorial (themed quilt))    54 x 62 x 0.5   

Quiltmaker(s) and Credit
Made by Ellie Stuckey
Owned by Ellie Stuckey
Designed by Ellie Stuckey

**ADDITIONAL AWARDS: Best of Division - Machine Quilted - Youth,
Blue Ribbon - Youth